Bug Spray and Citronella: An Easter Message

We came in from mowing this afternoon and walked up on the porch. There, for all to see, was a spider web woven between the citronella candle and the can of bug spray. I quickly wiped away the spider web and squished the little fellow; then, I thought, “I should have taken a picture of that.” I know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but here are my thousand words, with no picture.

The bug spray didn’t do any good in the can, and the citronella candle didn’t do any good unlit and just sitting in its canister. What makes the bug spray effective, and what makes the citronella effective as a bug deterrent? The bug spray must be applied, and the candle must be lit. I know that some of you know where this is going.

There is a spiritual parallel here. Now, I’ve known people who display crosses, religious books, Bibles, and other Christian paraphernalia openly in their homes, vehicles, or places of work or business. Sometimes, these same people have forgotten to open the can and spray the bug spray; or, they have forgotten to light that candle, so to speak. What good does it do them? Sometimes these same people are the most difficult to deal with; they are the rudest at restaurants; they are the pushiest in line; they are the loudest and most critical; they are the most inconsiderate of others; they are the first ones to get what they want in product or time and do not seem to care if others are considered. They forget to put themselves last. They forget to go without so others can go with. They forget to be forgotten so others can be remembered.

Having a Bible displayed in a prominent place or hanging a cross around one’s neck is not good enough. One must apply the contents therein. Reading the Bible and applying it are a sure-fired way of not having spiders build nests right on top of you. A spider web represents uncleanliness. Unclean living can be done right in front of a Bible. However, when the Word of God fills you, the desire for uncleanliness leaves. Just like when we spray that bug spray. Suddenly, those spiders don’t want to hang around. When we light that citronella candle, those bugs suddenly find somewhere else to be. When we apply the Word of God and when we are filled with the Living Word (the Spirit of Jesus), those unclean habits will suddenly go elsewhere. They won’t corrode your life with uncleanliness; they won’t cloud your judgement with cobwebs.

Happy Easter, Everyone. God Bless you and fill you.

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