Sparrows Playing Around My Feet

A friend recently brought me a large bucket of pecans that needed cracking. On these cool spring mornings, and sometimes in the evenings, I’ll sit outside on the porch step and work on the stash of pecans. As you can imagine, around the porch steps are lots of pecan shells and pieces. This morning, while watching the chain of storms move across the pasture in front of our house, I wrapped up in one of John’s shirts and drank my coffee on the porch. The evergreen shrubs near the porch were alive with sparrows taking shelter from the wind and light rain. As the storms cleared away, the tiny birds ventured out to within inches of my feet. The blue heeler by my side watched with interest. The terrier on the porch bed was sound asleep and didn’t notice. First, the tiny, delicate female sparrows hopped out timidly and nibbled on pecan pieces. Then, the huskier, more colorful males approached. Taking turns, they would watch and eat, watch and eat, then fly back into their cover. Seconds later, they would venture out again. This went on for about an hour. It is amazing that not even one of these falls to the ground or is injured without our Jesus knowing about it.


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