The Sad State of Much of the Modern Church

A friend of ours commented this morning about the sad state of the modern church and Christianity and how it has tragically lost its way—far from Christ and the Bible. We sadly say that we have to agree. It has taken on the form of a business entity, targeting customers, employing marketing techniques, researching potential demographic groups to boost attendance and revenue, etc. Case in point, here is a lead-in that popped up on our timeline due to the fact that some of our friends liked it and shared it. Sadly, these friends are in the “ministry”. We have included a screen shot of the headline for this ebook.

Here is the lead-in for the article:

The Ultimate Guide to Givers in Your Church

A hundred years ago, most of a church’s givers were remarkably similar. Most of the givers grew up in the church and gave because they had been taught the importance of supporting the local church.

But today many of those experiences are no longer true. People give for a variety of reasons other than simple obedience to scripture and commitment to their local place of worship. In this ebook, you’ll learn:

*The seven different types of givers nearly every church has

*What it takes to reach different types of givers

*Practical tips to help your church unleash the generosity of these givers

*Why just “passing the plate” isn’t enough anymore

Don’t make the mistake of thinking every giver in your church has the same spiritual needs and motivations: download your copy of “Power Givers” now.


After the lead-in is a cheesy testimonial by Matthew Barnett, Co-Founder of the Dream Center, Senior Pastor of Angelus Temple. He is quoted to have said, “It’s dramatically changed our church. Our giving has gone up 10-15% every single week.”

Wow. What can you say to results like that? He even looks cheesy.

Has the church resorted to gimmicks like this because following Christ isn’t good enough for the modern age?


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