Scratching My Head

I guess I am a bit confused this morning. I tried applying rational thought to an irrational situation; this always leaves one scratching his head in confusion, at best. One must know when to let it go.

Here is my dilemma: when Barrack Obama was in office, if I voiced disagreement with any of his policies, leftists labeled me a hater.  Even though my disapproval had nothing to do with race, but was based upon principles, I was also labeled as a racist. I never once marched in defiance or picketed against his administration; I just voiced my stance on the policies in question.  I remained civil and polite and would state, for example, “I don’t agree with XYZ policy, because of 123,” I voiced disapproval and gave the reason(s) for my disapproval.  I respected the person that held the opposing views, even though many times I could not see where they were coming from–a courtesy that was not often returned. Instead, I could often feel the vile hatred that ran deep in them, which on occasion, broke through the surface like lava from a volcano.

Now that Donald Trump is in office , the same people and entities that had labeled me a racist hater for my disagreement with Obama’s policies are marching in disapproval of Trump’s policies. More than this, they are actually marching in disapproval of Trump as a person. Their anger is not only raging at his policies but at him and his family personally.

The very ones who wanted me to remain silent about my disapproval are now shouting theirs in the streets. As the protestors left their stomping grounds, piles of litter and debris were left, contaminating the environment that they often voice concern about. I guess the signs that they were so proud to wave outlived their usefulness and were abandoned in piles. I’m not even going to get into the part of the protestors who displayed costumes, wore shirts and hats, and carried signs that emphasized a section of female anatomy represented by a cat. Let’s just say that I find their displays disgusting and vulgar.

They say they will continue to march in defiance. It is their right to do so. The first amendment guarantees it. I agree that the First Amendment does give them this right. I guess that leaves me confused though. Why didn’t that First Amendment apply to me? Why didn’t those who disagreed with Barack fall into the same category? Does free speech only work from one side? While no one actually kept me from speaking my mind, I was falsely labeled a racist and a hater for doing so. As I said, One must know when to let something go.



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