Crew Cab Revival

One excruciatingly hot summer evening, we were enroute to a week day revival service held at a friend’s church. About a half mile from our house, we saw three people standing beside a car up on a jack. The car was maybe a hundred yards up a county road off of the Farm to Market that we live on. Earlier in the day, we had noticed the car when we had returned from Dublin, but we hadn’t seen anyone with it. It was parked to the side of the road and was not a traffic hazard. However, this time, we were coming from the opposite direction, and now we could see that the driver’s front wheel assembly had fallen off.

Seeing the dilemma of the occupants of the car on the side of the road, we turned in to see if we could help and stated that we had seen the car earlier but had not seen them with it. They stated that no one had stopped all afternoon and that at one point, they had all laid down in the car to take a nap. We thought that perhaps they had been sleeping when we had come by earlier because we hadn’t seen them.

The trio looked rough. It was a male and two females in their late teens/early twenties. We silently acknowledged to ourselves that we could see why no one had wanted to stop. They said they had a cell phone but had no signal. Then they commented on how thirsty they were. We happened to have several bottles of water with us. We couldn’t remember why we had put them in the truck that day. We gave them water and asked them what we could do to help.

They said that they needed to get to Comanche. The male said, “If you can get us to where we can get a signal, maybe we can call someone to come pick us up. I think our car is toast.” We said that if they just needed to go to Comanche, there was no need for them to call someone. We could take them. They stated, “Ya’ll are dressed up. It’s obvious you’re going somewhere.” We said it wasn’t anything that couldn’t wait. As we all piled into the truck, before we pulled onto the road, the male noticed the Bibles on the dash and commented on them. We said, “Well, actually, we were going to church.” He apologized for making us miss church. I laughed and said, “What’s the point of going to church if I leave you on the side of the road?” He said, “Yeah, that doesn’t go together, does it?” Again, he said he was sorry and at the same time was thankful for the ride. He had decided that they were going to have to spend a very thirsty night in the car if no one stopped.

As we drove toward Comanche, he stated that his grandma had taught him about God and the Bible. He said, “I should have listened to God and followed the Bible more. You can tell by looking at me that I haven’t made some of the best decisions in my life. Maybe it’s time to change that.” We acknowledged that maybe it was time for him to go back to some of the things that grandma had taught him. By his own admission his life was a wreck.

We had a good conversation on the way to our destination. For most of the trip, the two females of the trio were silent. But, they were actively listening to this newly discovered side of their male companion. One of them stated thoughtfully, “Maybe it is time to turn our lives around. I know mine could use it. Maybe I ought to get my high school diploma or even a G.E.D. for starters.” Interestingly enough, my wife had contacts with someone whose specialty was to help high school dropouts recover their educational pursuits. She knew their numbers by heart and wrote them down for the two young women. We do not know what the revival service would have been that night at the church we intended to attend with friends. But, it would have had a hard time beating the one we attended in a crew cab F-250 while helping three strangers.

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