Loss of an Icon

As I heard about the Pioneer Cabin tree that recently fell in California, I remembered reading that this tree was a giant Sequoia that had been cut off in 1857 to 150 feet due to damage. The original height was estimated to be around 287 feet tall. This one’s girth was exceptional, measuring 33 feet in diameter. Scientists guesstimate that the tree is/was approximately 1,000 years old. Reading about the collapse of the tree, it had shown signs of weakening over the last few years, but many were still shocked to see it fall—afterall, it was an icon of strength that had stood for centuries. Sadly, I see the parallels between this famous tree and our nation. Like the tree, it has stood strong for centuries and has weathered many storms. Also like that tree, our nation is showing signs of weakening. As we willingly remove more and more godly pillars of our foundation, it is as if we are removing roots from the tree that keep it alive, because those roots are labeled offensive or unsightly, so we cut them off one by one, and still expect the tree to stand and be healthy without its root system. Not only was the tree week in its foundation, it was experiencing the effects of decay throughout. The same holds true for our nation. When we removed our roots in God, not only did we lose our foundation, but we began to decay and slowly die. And, just like the decay weakened the tree, our nation is weakened by the cracks and rotten spots appearing en mass, throughout. What is apparent to me, whether it be a tree or a nation, in this state, we are vulnerable, because it doesn’t take a great storm to topple us. We can collapse under conditions that we have previously withstood unwaveringly through when health and strong. But we are now neither.

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