Living as the Co-Pilot

This week, we posted a few stories from our experiences since making the decision to follow God’s lead. These stories in no way make us special. That is the last thing we are trying to convey. We are merely a tool that God used in these various situations. The bumper sticker that used to be popular, “God is my Co-Pilot,” was a good description of how we had lived. Like the bumper sticker that followed, “If God is your Co-Pilot, you are in the wrong seat,” we were convicted of that fact. We merely switched seats. We did not intentionally orchestrate the events that we have recounted this week. If we had set out with the agenda to intersect with someone, we would have put ourselves back in the pilot seat. It would have been our plans, our ideas, etc. These events and some of the ones we will post later, occurred simply by listening to and obeying that still, small voice. This next week, we will relay more stories that have been laid on our hearts to share. Not all of them have happy endings. But, that is reality.


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